Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Worth Every Penny, I'm Sure

Things I learn on Facebook:

One of my Facebook friends, who is in a position to know such things, informs me that Tony Sutton, who is the head of the state GOP, is in line for a substantial raise, somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000.

The questions my friend asks:

Anyone want to weigh in on Sutton's $100,000 salary increase? How about the nominating committees knowledge of the request and their failure to inform state central delegates at the convention?

Just a guess -- if the state central delegates knew this was coming, they'd have raised a squawk about it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about misinformation. The Chairmanship carries a salary of roughly $100,000, but Tony Sutton has been working, until now, WITHOUT drawing any salary, as he said he would do when elected. Recently, however, there were great cries raised about his consulting business being a "conflict of interest" or some such nonsense, and he agreed to give that up for the sake of appearances but would then need to draw a salary from the job he was giving up his consultancy FOR. There's nothing wrong here, except for conspiracy-theory and holier-than-thou activists getting what they want and then complaining about it.

J. Ewing

Mr. D said...

Okay, JE -- I'll check that out. I trust my source for this, but I also trust you. Something isn't correct here and it could be me.