Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Steal From the Best

If you're going to boost an idea from someone else, it's always a good idea to find someone who has good ideas. So with a hat tip to my friend Gino, I'm stealing one of his ideas, which is a twist on an open thread.

So what should you do? Ask me a question in the comments and I'll respond. I might not answer your question to your satisfaction, but I'll respond.


Gino said...

about what?

Mr. D said...

Any topic you'd like, Gino.

Gerry said...

Mr. D. -- this debate leaves a lump in my throat, because I love the Wolf River, which this proposed mine would threaten. I also hunt in and around Iron County, and it's desolate.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

How should FDR be considered?


What foreign country thrums the chords of mystery in you?

Mr. D said...


I'll have to study that matter a little more, but that seems worth a post.


FDR changed America forever, especially with Social Security, which is now a demographic nightmare. Clearly the most important president of the 20th Century and, in terms of lasting impact on the way we live our lives each day, perhaps the most important of all. But hardly the best.

Most foreign countries thrum the chords of mystery to me, but I'd go with Spain.

Gino said...

Hamm's or Schlitz?

Mr. D said...

Hamm's or Schlitz?

Hamm's was always better back in the day, but I haven't had either in rather a long time. So I guess my answer is Hamm's. Right now I have some very nice Surly Bender in the fridge right now, and a few leftover bottles of Summit India Pale Ale. I also bought some Lone Star a while back, which is not bad for a cheap beer.

CousinDan 54915 said...

Is the NBA still relevant? Who would you rather watch on TV, Bob McAdoo or Ron Artest?

Mr. D said...

Is the NBA still relevant?

Perhaps not.

Who would you rather watch on TV, Bob McAdoo or Ron Artest?

McAdoo, but I'd prefer Adrian Dantley.