Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New York Headline

Drudge has the headline up on at his place:

Meet the new boss
And it seems to bother Ann Althouse greatly:
The linked article, in the Wall Street Journal, makes no mention of the Clinton impeachment and gives us no reason to associate deBlasio with any of Clinton's misdeeds and lies. Clinton is a former President, and it's a decent honor for deBlasio to have him do the swearing in.

Drudge's highlighting of the impeachment is gratuitous and stupid, and that headline has been at the top of the page since yesterday, so there's been plenty of time for Drudge to realize it's not up to his usual standards (which include lots of room for ridicule and cheap shots).
I'll admit, it's not as good a headline as the all-time classic:

The eternal classic

It's accurate, though. Bill Clinton was impeached and later lost his law license because of his behavior in the Paula Jones case. He's been out of the office for a long time now, but he'll always be a scoundrel. And even Althouse acknowledges this, grudgingly:
Now, if Drudge had phrased the headline to refer to oaths — Clinton lied under oath and now he's administering an oath — I would have approved. Since Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, the appropriate connection was within reach, but Drudge didn't quite get there and ends up looking mean-spirited and flailing.
Mean-spirited and flailing -- always a growth industry. Meanwhile, one of Althouse's commenters asks an excellent question:
Will the former Commander-in-Heat use a bible or a cigar box for the oath?
The French Revolution had its Thermidor. We might as well have a humidor.

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