Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cool stuff on the side

While I recommend a number of blogs and other websites, sometimes it's easy to forget the amount of cool stuff that they can provide. Even if you're not a Packers fan, I really want to call your attention to the Packerville U.S.A. blog, which has some amazing things to see, and some only tangentially related to the Packers. The proprietor of the blog, who uses the nom de blog "Mr. Lambeau," finds some really neat old memorabilia and posts it there. A few examples:

I love this old ad from a Boys' Life magazine in 1966:

Stock up now!
While some of these logos are still in use, including the fearsome Bear and the stoic Viking, you don't see much of the cartoon Cowboy and the mighty Cardinal framed with the Gateway Arch. I don't see Jerry Jones resurrecting that image any time soon.

Mr. Lambeau also finds and reproduces the images from old game programs, including this one from 1947. Here's an example of midcentury marketing of a local company that has long been a nationwide brand:

That ain't Mr. Whipple
And in addition, here's a rogue's gallery of players who were set to visit the old City Stadium for the 1947 season:

Sid Luckman!
It's easy to forget, but the mighty National Football League wasn't necessarily that mighty back in '47 and we've come a very long way from those days.

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