Friday, December 12, 2014

Horrifying rumor of the day

Too horrifying to contemplate, actually:
When the news broke on Wednesday night that Gary Andersen was leaving Wisconsin to take the Oregon State job, a frequent suggestion on the Internet was that Wisconsin should take a look at Bo Pelini. Well, regardless of whether those suggestions were in jest or not, the former Nebraska head coach is reportedly an option to take over in Madison, according to 247 Sports.

If Pelini were to take the Wisconsin job, it would put a neat bow on what essentially was a three-team coach trade. Nebraska got things started back on Nov. 30 by firing Pelini and hiring former long-time Oregon State coach Mike Riley in a surprise move. Not to be outdone, Oregon State went and hired Andersen away from Wisconsin, which leaves athletic director and former head coach Barry Alvarez -- who will be coaching the Badgers in their bowl game once again -- in the position of conducting yet another coaching search.

Well, that calls for a poll.

Rumor mill suggests that Barry Alvarez is actually considering Bo Pelini. Your reaction?

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First Ringer said...

Pelini has a 67-27 record as a head coach - an exceptional track record, unless you're at a school that continues to think it's the 1990s and should be contending for national championships.

I'd take averaging 9 wins a season at Minnesota for a fake Twitter account and an oversized personality any day of the week.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Of course, the U of M hasn't won a national title since Eisenhower and has only rarely been relevant. 9 wins for the Gophers is like Nirvana. Why should Cornhusker fans be satisfied with that? Maybe they shoot for more and fail miserably, but I don't see any reason they should embrace mediocrity.

Bike Bubba said...

I think Big Cheese should hold out for Brady Hoke, as RichRod is doing pretty darned well once away from the armpit of the mitten.

Brad said...

I heard current Pitt coach Paul Chryst (former Wisconsin O-coordinator) is set to become the new Badgers' coach. Seems like a logical move.

Mr. D said...

Chryst was the logical move all along — he'd have been hired in 2012 instead of Andersen had he not been at Pitt for only one season. Barry didn't go after him then as a favor to the Pitt AD. Apparently the statute of limitations has run.

I was really hoping Gino would get an interview.

R.A. Crankbait said...

No doubt Gino could make the right decisions, and his Samoan bounty hunters would help both with recruiting and making sure the boys were tucked into their dorms by lights-out. Unfortunately, I don't think he could handle all the shouting required.