Saturday, January 19, 2019

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Patriots Aren't Underdogs Edition

Old dude, does it bother you that the Patriots are underdogs? Was Darth Vader an underdog during the Star Wars saga?

When you're talking comparative morality and Las Vegas is involved, I'm not sure it's a distinction of much value.

I really don't like morality plays. I am feeling the HYYYYYPPPPEEEE!, and can't wait to discuss these games.

I sense a disturbance in the Force. Or is it a Very Special Comment?

Watch and see. It is time to watch me work.

Los Angeles Rams (+3) vs. New Orleans Saints. This is a rematch of a game played earlier this year where the Rams were run out of the Dome. Some say that Sean McVay's personal assistant is going to be hired as a head coach, because apparently McVay knows everything and is the coaching flavor of the month. The Saints are almost unbeatable in the Dome these days, and I think they are going to dominate again. The Rams are too much of a finesse offensive team and all their talent has not won anything yet. Saints 70, Rams 49.

Saints are going to make their free throws, I assume? I expect a shootout, but perhaps not to that extent. Rams will have a chance, but I'm thinking Brees will find a way. Saints 34, Rams 28.

New England Cheatriots (+3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs. It's time for another Very Special Comment. I know that New England is not the underdog, but the NFL needs to seriously consider if it is better for their brand to keep having New England being showcased all the time. The Patriots have a coach and star player who knowingly cheated and an owner who makes Jerry Jones look like a moral guardian. How can Patriots fans continue to root for a team that does not care about the rules and is a bad example for our children? If Robert Kraft had any morality or shred of humanity, he would give back all the tainted money and fire every single cheater on his staff, and be banned from ever owning a football team. The Hoodie should be banned and stripped of his wins and be forced to give back his salary to the league. Brady should be stripped of his wins and give all of his mtroney to Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri is the only reason that the Patriots are relevant these days, and every single Patriots fan should thank the heavens that he could kick in the clutch. Patriots fans, if you have any shred of morality, give up your tickets and turn your back on the team. You are aiding cheating and have shown you won't hold your "heroes" accountable. Kansas City should win, and they have a moral duty to. I am going to call on Roger Goodell to strip New England of every single win that the cheating weasels won and force them to give back their trophies to the teams who were screwed over by a rogue organization that is an embarrassment to the game of football. Chiefs 31, Cheatriots 0.

Whoa. I love you, young fella, but that was some Grade A crapola you just put out there. For a guy who claims he doesn't like morality plays, that's a ton of moralism you're flinging. I checked the record, just to be sure. I believe Adam Vinatieri left the Patriots around 2006. A lot has happened since then. I'll grant you one thing -- the Patriots are shady as hell. But I've been watching them for a long time and they win because they figure out how to beat their opponents and rarely make mistakes when the game is on the line. Anyway, on to the particulars. I think the Chiefs are better overall, but they haven't been in the Super Bowl since the 1969 season. Patrick Mahomes is a heck of a talent, but I have a feeling ol' Hoodie has something special for him. I don't like saying this, but. . . Patriots 27, Chiefs 24.

That was straight fire right there. Ben out.


Brad Carlson said...

that was some Grade A crapola you just put out there

The ultimate Evergreen regarding Benster's posts. LOL

Mr. D said...

The ultimate Evergreen regarding Benster's posts. LOL

Salena Zito says to take the Benster's posts seriously, but not literally.