Monday, January 21, 2019

It's all fake

Trump directed Cohen to lie, except he didn't. Some kids in MAGA hats from outside of Cincinnati were tormenting a noble Native American. Except they weren't.

Can you believe anything you read? Sure. Believe anything you want. But be prepared to check the motivations of the tale-tellers. And trust your own experiences. I know Catholic schoolboys. I was a Catholic schoolboy. I think the kids from Covington Catholic who were on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial were actually behaving pretty well, considering the amount of provocation on offer.

And provocation is key here. Again, my observation only, but it sure feels like a lot of people on the Left are spoiling for a fight right now. So far, the fight has been more metaphorical than real. But it's coming. If you start to see people walking around with MAGA hats and yellow hi-vis jackets, you'll know the hour is near.


Gino said...

they dont want the fight that the are asking for.
right now, they're getting away with behaving badly, which encourages them to ramp it up, but what cant go on, will not.

Mr. D said...

they dont want the fight that the are asking for.

I agree. This is not going to end well.

Petercorp said...

Yes, yes we do. I say bring it. If putting you people in institutions, or in the ground is what it'll take, then I'd say that it's not too steep of a price to pay for piece of mind.