Saturday, January 12, 2019

Benster and D Pick Your Games----Divisional Battle Edition

So old dude, do you think that Gino helped run Cody Parkey out of Chicago for what happened Sunday? I personally found it to be quite amusing.

There were laughs. Yes.

Divisional weekend is up next, and the big dogs come out to protect the home field advantage they earned.

Yep. And we must evaluate from snowbound Chesterfield, MO, where they don't have football any more.

But we have it. It is time to watch me work.

Indianapolis Colts (+5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are a team who have struggled to win in the playoffs when it matters. In fact, Andy Reid will sell you a manual car that can't perform when you engage the clutch. The Colts are a difficult draw because they are the type of team that can handle a high powered offense with good defense and a quarterback who is viewed as old news. I like the Colts to pull the upset and set the stage for a very interesting throwback AFC title game. Colts 31, By The Way, What's Wrong with the Chiefs? 17.

It's snowing like hell here in St. Louis and it's snowing in Kansas City, too. Is that an advantage for the Chiefs? Historically, not necessarily. Colts are playing with the house money, but I like the Chiefs this week. Chiefs 28, Colts 20.

Dallas How Bout Them Cowboahs (+7) vs. Los Angeles Rams. Much has been said about the Sean McVay revolution this week when the Packers hired LaFleur, so we get to see if the HYYYYYYYPPPPEEE! is worth it. There are going to be a lot of Cowboys fans in the Coliseum on Saturday night, ready to see if Dallas can get past the barrier that is the Divisional Round. The Rams can play bully ball as well, and I think Dallas is going to waste more talent again. Rams 50, Cowpokes 0.

That's a subtle pick. Can Zeke Elliott play? He'll give it a go. Rams are rested and ready. Rams 31, Cowboys 21.

Los Angeles Chargers (+5) vs. New England Patriots. The Chargers get rewarded with another long trip to play an early game in the Eastern time zone, and to a place where the home team does not lose. Problem is that Patriots fans will never bring up that you can win at Foxboro in the playoffs. This Chargers team looks very interesting to me because Rivers looks like he wants to equal Big Ben and Eli in getting a ring to make those choices all look about equal. This Patriots team reminds me of 2009/2010, a good team that lives off past glories. Chargers 11, Patriots 0.

The Chargers are a team without a country, or even a fan base. But they don't care. The Patriots may be past their sell-by date. I agree with the young fella. Chargers 24, Patriots 17.

Philadelphia Eagles (+8) vs. New Orleans Saints. Well, Nick Foles survived his trip to Chicago and the Eagles are still defending their crown. New Orleans plays amazing in the Dome, though I think the week off is going to be something that hurts a Saints team that thrives off momentum and they also sat their starts. The Eagles are a proven champion team, and I can't pick against Foles, who laughs at your doubts. Eagles 30, Saints 10.

Ah, no. Saints are the best overall team in the tournament. And they will win at home. Saints 31, Eagles 24.
Enjoy your weekend. Ben out.


Petercorp said...

Andy's just too nice of a guy for him to be in the big leagues. I can't believe that he's lasted as long as he has. I'm not sure that he's of the similar high intelligence that Bill "Paul Brown won't name you as his successor because you're just too nice a guy" Walsh. Benster's correct about the clutch, and I'm gonna have to borrow that here in Pat Mahomes is the other Son of God land. I think that he just has a bad case of the Marty's as shown by most of his losses of recent in the second season where it really matters the most.

The Kansas City Cheese just don't have the defense. And there's now more than a season of game vid on the chosen one sent to save KC from their playoff curses. Plus the offense might not be greatest show since the greatest show on turf like the believers believe. Basically if KC does manage to rid themselves of some playoff demons I hope that the fans don't buy in way too much as if the mad genius ends up awaiting them he'll just do what the Colts don't and find a way to Brown the Cheese.

It's quarterback and head coach in the playoffs. Defense helps, but ask Gino about that one. So I'm takin' the Saints, the Rams, and the Pats, but I'm not too sure about the points yet

Brad Carlson said...

Problem is that Patriots fans will never bring up that you can win at Foxboro in the playoffs.

Opponents *can* win in Foxboro but rarely do. Belichick/Brady are 19-3 at home in the playoffs and have not lost a postseason game there in eight years.