Monday, May 15, 2006

Lazarus at the Metrodome

As recounted previously, we went and saw the Twins battle the hated White Sox on Saturday evening at the Metrodome. While the Twins still have some issues to solve, it was good to see them in person, as you can see things at the ballpark you can't see on television. A few quick thoughts:

  • Brad Radke is about gassed. Radke struggled manfully through his five innings, but still gave up four runs in ticky-tack fashion. Even when he avoids the crippling, highlight film home runs that he has served up faithfully through his career, it doesn't look like he has much left. We can only hope that another person named Radke surfaces in professional sports so that a certain faithful reader of this feature will have a source of headlines for his cube....
  • Francisco Liriano is the real deal. There's been a lot of talk about this youngster, but you have to see him pitch to understand what the fuss is about. He relieved Radke in the sixth inning and simply blew the world champions away with 94 mile-an-hour fastballs and some really nasty breaking balls. His control appears to have improved significantly from last year and he is an intimidating presence on the mound. Gardy will have to put him in the starting rotation soon.
  • It's sure nice to have a professional second baseman. Luis Castillo is a lot of fun to watch. Besides his 2 run homer that essentially sealed the result, he made a number of nice plays in the field and his demeanor on the field meshes well with what the Twins like to do. He's the kind of guy you want on your side.
  • The Twins were wise not to panic. It would have been easy to do so after a disastrous April, especially the lost weekend in Detroit, but as the Twins now approach .500, it's clear that the fire sale that some called for would have been a mistake. While the AL Central is going to be a tough neighborhood for the foreseeable future, the Twins can compete. An extra bat or two would help, but they may get it done anyway, especially when Liriano finally replaces either Lohse, Silva or Radke. Then it will be time for Boof Bonser mania!

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Anonymous said...

You sure like the word "gassed", as you described both Brad Radke and Ahman Green (April 26) in that vein. Try hitting "Shift F7". The Microsoft thesaurus will give you other options. How's the job search?