Monday, October 10, 2011

Lightning Round - 101011

Quick thoughts:
  • In trying to figure out what the "Occupy [This Space for Rent]" movement is really about, I'm increasingly thinking it's about the fury that certain young people are feeling concerning their future prospects. You cannot discharge student loan debt via bankruptcy, so it's a millstone around the necks of many young people, especially if the job market is tight. For now, the young people who are thus are blaming Wall Street or other villains they learned about at university. At some point, they might begin to understand that Wall Street didn't make them take on the debt load they carry. There are a lot of colleges out there and a lot of the degrees they are conferring aren't especially helpful for future job prospects.
  • Herman Cain won a few straw polls over the weekend, including the one that took place at the local confab. Michele Bachmann barely got 10% in her home state. I think it's time for Michele to realize that it's not gonna happen. I remain skeptical about Cain's ability to translate his corporate experience to the public sector, but he's a tough-minded fellow and he might be the guy in the field who is best able to be Not Romney. And that's the job everyone else in the field wants.
  • I also heard that the Brewers and the Packers are doing well. News of their exploits did manage to make it through the wall-to-wall Lynx coverage we've seen lately. Good for the Lynx, but let's be honest here -- this is a team that was ignored for years and if they stop winning will be ignored again. That may not be fair, but if the Gophers or Vikings were any better, the coverage would be minimal. 


Gino said...

the packers... yeah, i think this is an era for them and not just a season.

my bears, on the other hand, will continue being in the era they are in: good enough to squeak something out whereas management cant see there are fundamental issues still not being addressed, or maybe they just dont care that much. i think its the latter.

the lynx? wthit???

W.B. Picklesworth said...

The Lynx are the women's basketball team in the Twin Cities