Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eagle Scouts

I was privileged to attend an Eagle Scout ceremony this evening. My son is a Boy Scout and one of the members of his troop earned his Eagle designation earlier this year and the official ceremony was today.

You have to do a lot of things, and do them well, to become an Eagle Scout. Most kids aren't up to the challenge. The kid who earned his eagle is an impressive fellow. He's going to be playing NCAA Division II football and he's been an obvious leader and role model to the other scouts in my son's troop. He's a bright, personable young man and he'll go a long way in life.

We even had a few local politicians at the ceremony, including one or two with whom I've crossed swords in the past. Such an occasion is a time to put politics aside and I was glad that they took the time to be there, because recognizing the achievements of young people is something that politicians ought to be doing.

We will need leaders to emerge from the generation that is coming of age right now, because the world they inherit will be even more complicated than the one that the current politicians face now. We will need leaders who are resourceful, work hard and have a demonstrated record of achievement. We will need Eagle Scouts.

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