Friday, April 03, 2009

Nothing to Worry About

Much complaining today in the local papers today about Jay Cutler going to play for the Chicago Bears instead of coming here to the Vikings. As a Packers fan I don't have a dog in this fight, so I can be somewhat objective about this. While I understand why Vikings fans are not enamored with Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson as potential quarterbacks, I don't think Cutler was the droid you were looking for.

The guy had a big year statistically last year, but he also got his coach fired in Denver and then whined when the new coach wanted to look at someone else. As a longtime observer of prima donna quarterbacks, I think that the Bears wildly overpaid for a guy who hasn't really proven much of anything. Cutler played his college ball at Vanderbilt, the perennial footwipe of the SEC, and he wasn't any more successful in Denver than Jake Plummer was. And given the dismal history of quarterbacking in Chicago, I think Cutler is likely to be just the latest in a long line of disappointing Bears quarterbacks. And considering the aging defense and the lack of receivers in Chicago, I'd guess that the Bears are more likely to finish last than first in the division.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Aaron Rodgers is still the best quarterback in the division, although we'll have to see what happens in Detroit. Meanwhile, there are still candidates out there for you, Vikings fans!


Brad Carlson said...

I lobbied for the Vikings to get Cutler simply because he was available and was a better alternative than what they currently have at QB. However, I was a little concerned at what a whiny little beeyotch Cutler had been. If he were a winner, Cutler would have used coach Josh McDaniels' preference for Matt Cassel as motivation for a huge year.

It's reminiscent of a few years ago when the San Antonio Spurs were rumored to be pursuing Jason Kidd. They didn't get him but the mere fact he was thought of really stuck in the craw of the Spurs' young point guard. In fact, you may have heard of him. Tony Parker? How's his career been over the past few years??

Gino said...

hey vikes,
rex is still looking for work. great QB. went to the super bowl two yrs ago.

i was expecting to see good things from orton this year. he's a good enough QB, who is smart,tough and dedicated. he will only get better.

that, and he was 'bear' through and through.

i'm wary of picking up somebody else's malcontent, but i seem to be alone on this one. seems all of beardom is a giddy cept me.

although i havent heard from bike bubba yet.

Mike said...

That was pretty much the assessment of my buddies and I as we were driving east and discussing the trade. There was certainly some excitement in Chicago though...heard an interview with Brian Urlacher driving through town, and I am not 100% convinced he is among the excited in the 312.

The Bears totally overpaid for Cutler. His gaudy stats last season were a result of no running game and some playing from behind.

John Bunch said...

First I would like to say that Cutler fits the offense that the Bears run. They run a pocket-passer-friendly "Norv Turner Offense", which is based on a 3-step drop. This is a "the receiver needs to be open by the time I step back to three" offense. And I don't see the Bears having those guys. Cutler will find out that it is one thing to have Brandon Marshall and some good WRs in Denver, in a zone-blocking scheme, and quite another to have mediocre receivers to throw to on a cold and rainy and windy day in Chi-town.

Also, I think the Vikings will take advantage of this guy. Like Favre and Romo, Cutler is a gunslinger, and you can "scheme" against those guys in the playoffs. It is often easier to beat a QB who is all ego and that is what is running the show, than a "drive the bus" kind of guy (Jeff Garcia) who just moves the sticks. Romo and Favre and Cutler are easy to beat, because of their lack of the ability to manage the game.

Go Vikes !