Thursday, October 25, 2012


If you were to follow the local newscasts or read the Star Tribune, you'd think nothing else matters in this election at the state level as much as the Marriage Amendment. Not taxes, not the proper role of government, not whether Mark Dayton's tax and spend agenda is a good idea, none of it. It's all about gay marriage -- it seems to be one of the lead stories just about every day.

I've talked about this topic before and I have nothing more to say about it. I just wish people would spend more time thinking about what's really going to affect their lives.


Brian said...

You want us to shut up about it, get out of the way.

Mr. D said...

You want us to shut up about it, get out of the way.


Brad said...

I take your point, Mark. But as I've said many times, my biggest issue with this whole discussion is the religious liberty aspect. I can totally see the day where churches will be told to either acquiesce in allowing gay weddings or lose their tax exempt status.

What irony that will be: The crowd who for years decried that their "freedoms" were "limited" will infringe upon the freedoms of others (i.e. religious institutions).