Friday, November 21, 2014

Groundhog Day

President Obama did what he wanted yesterday. Nothing new there. What really changed, though? Think about it:

  • He's always been about selective law enforcement and ignoring things that are inconvenient to him. It's been the entire purpose of Eric Holder's career. Same thing for Lois Lerner, Jeh Johnson and everyone else who has ever been in the employ of this administration.
  • Will immigrants come out of the shadows? Why would they, really? Once you do, you reveal yourself to the government, assuming you're honest about your actual identity, and you get the privilege of paying taxes on your income. As long as there are people who are willing to pay for work that's off the books, a lot of people will continue to work that way.
  • Will border security be increased? Of course not. That could have happened at any point in the previous six years of this administration. Or, to be fair, in the previous 60 years since Eisenhower cracked down on border crossings. There are too many incentives, for too many people, to avoid an actual crackdown. The Chamber of Commerce wants low cost labor and the Democratic Party wants a larger clientele. Nothing new about any of that.
  • Most people who claim they don't like cheap labor are selective in their opposition. And we're all complicit in that. I had a new roof put on my house a month or so ago. The work crew that did the work were clearly guys from Mexico or further south into Central America. I talked to a few of them and more than a few couldn't speak English. I speak some Spanish so I was able to figure out what they were talking about as they worked, and it was mostly about the job they were doing. Had I called any roofing contractor in town, I'd have seen similar groups working on the job. On those days that I stop for coffee on the way in to work, I often see similar work crews who are getting coffee as well. They might be roofers, they might be landscapers, they might be painters. That's the way the world works and there's no point in pretending otherwise. I have no idea whether the roofing contractor was employing anyone who was in the country illegally, but it wasn't in my interest to make an inquiry.
  • At bottom, this action is a finger in the eye of Obama's political adversaries. The goal is to make the opposition mad, so that they say and do things that can then be portrayed as insensitive, or racist, or violating the sensibilities of the platoons of social justice warriors arrayed across our fair land. It's also a finger in the eye of many of his supporters as well, especially lower income workers who will have more competition for jobs, but Obama doesn't care about that particularly. He does what he does. As do we all.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

You might say that Obama is a small "m" messiah of a sort. He has been anointed as a revelation to the people. Not of new things, but of things which many have chosen not to believe. Far from existing to inform us, the press exists to deceive us. Far from existing to protect us from the lawless, laws are made by the lawless to punish the law-abiding. If government is what we do together, we are sado-masochists of the worst sort. But really what has been revealed by this messiah is that the government is what is done TO us by those without the courage to take up the mantle of open tyranny.

Mr. D said...

But really what has been revealed by this messiah is that the government is what is done TO us by those without the courage to take up the mantle of open tyranny.


Bike Bubba said...

I have to wonder if Obama is doing this kind of stunt on purpose to keep his opposition off balance. Tons of scandals he's had, nothing pinned on him yet because everybody's looking at a different scandal.

Get a good prosecutor heading the DOJ, and my take is he joins his buddy Blagojevich in prison.