Monday, December 28, 2009

Benster and D Pick Your Bowl Games -- Emergency Early Bowl Edition

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for our thoughts on the ever-intriguing Champs Sports Bowl, which features the following squads:

Beloved Wisconsin Badgers (+3 1/2) vs. The U, in Orlando, FLA. You'll pardon us for ignoring the prestigious Meineke Car Care Bowl and the Stalingrad Bowl, but we'll pick it up here for this game, since it involves a team we actually care about. Meanwhile, I understand that Decrepit needs extra time to thoroughly analyze the Insight Bowl, in all its glory, because as we all know Decrepit is thoroughly lacking in insight. But anyway, let's talk about this game. I don't pay a lot of attention to the ACC, but I do that "the U" (a/k/a Miami for those of you who don't speak gangsta) is 9-3 and features quarterback Jacory Harris, who I know nothing about, but I really like saying Jacory Harris. Anyway, I wonder if the Miami defense can stop big John Clay. I guess we'll find out. Bucky Badger 42, Gansta U. 24.

Hmmm. You have much confidence in the Badgers, young fella. Wish I were as confident as you are. The Miami Hurricanes are not as fearsome as they once were, and the Badgers are much better than they were when these two schools played back in 1989. Much has changed since then. The key will be this: can the Badger defense frustrate the talented Mr. Harris and cause him to make mistakes. The guess here is that they will, but that the very fast Miami defense will frustrate the big hogs on the Badger offensive line. It's going to be more low-scoring than the absurd over/under (58). I'm being a shameless fan here and going with the Badgers, against my better judgment. Wisconsin 24, Miami 21.

We'll be back later with picks of the Insight Bowl and all the other Big Ten tilts, and we might throw in a few other choice games, because we are feeling the HYYYYYPPPPE! Ben out!


CousinDan54915 said...

I am high on Iowa State in the Insight Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho Chih Minh, Bucky Badger's Gonna Win!