Monday, December 07, 2009

Lightning Round 120709

Trying not to be so much of a one-note samba. But there's at least two AGW things in this list, but I'll get them out of the way right away.
  • If you want to understand how consensus is formed, here's a clue. Behold the splendor as Timesman Andy Revkin is put on notice.
  • If the worthies who will gather in Copenhagen are so concerned about their carbon footprint, they might want to comport themselves a little differently. Of course, they aren't especially concerned about their carbon footprints. They're concerned about yours.
  • Max Baucus gets a little action. Not on health care, mind you.
  • Hey Vikings fans -- now you know what Bad Brett looks like.
  • The Big 10 couldn't fill their bowl allotment so the Little Caesar's Bowl is now a MAC conference game, with one of the teams being 6-6 Marshall. If you ever needed proof that there are way too many bowl games, there it is.


my name is Amanda said...

I'm consoled by the fact that if I wanted to watch the Vikings win a game, I could watch them play the Packers at the Metrodome. Or at Lambeau. :p

Mr. D said...

Ancient history, Amanda. Ancient history.

Mr. D said...

But if you like ancient history, Amanda, consider this:

Right Hook said...

As one of the few sane Packer fans I know I think Mark can appreciate my feeling that Favre is not the answer.

The Vikings were a pretty good overall team with a sub-standard quarterback. Brett Favre has always had a horseshoe where only his proctologist could find it but the law of averages has a history of catching up with him, usually at inopportune times. Adding any competent NFL quarterback would have made them a contender for the division title with respect to won-loss record.

Unfortunately the Vikings also have one of the least capable head coaches in the league, as was also the case in '98 when they had top line talent that made up for a sub-par coach most of the time.
Then, as now, an impressive won-loss record in the regular season means nothing when coupled with a single playoff loss. The last Packer team that won the Super Bowl was probably not the most talented team in the league, but were a good team with a good coach.

The loss last night may actually be a good thing in the long run if it brings players, coaches, and fans back to reality. A lot of Viking fans are beginning to act like the die hard Packer fans we Viking fans get so annoyed with (as noted above Mark is one of the few Packer fans I know who can support his team in a big way yet maintain a sense of reality and sanity).

Mr. D said...

Thanks for the kind words, RH. I agree with you about the Vikings coaching staff. The Cardinals staff coached rings around Childress yesterday. Unfortunately for me, the Packers coaching staff is equally boneheaded.

Anonymous said...

The loss really means nothing. Almost every team has a bad game or two during the year.

What may matter is if Brett is starting to break down from a long schedule. I'm betting that's not really likely but I throw it out there because it's always nice to make Viking Fans who are insecure by nature a little bit more insecure.

The great Brett Farve experiment only works if it gets the Vikings to the Superbowl, anything less will be abject failure.

I'd still take McCarthy and the Packers braintrust over Chilli Con Carne. Not by much, but the difference is Dom Capers.

Margaret said...

It didn't look like Brett broke down last night, merely that the Cardinals had his number. And the outcoaching thing too. If Childress's only contribution really was a halftime locker room pep talk about how the vikes "needed more energy out there" then he wasn't helping. They were outfoxed. They should have rationed Brett's shoulder more towards the end of that game and given Tavaris a shot. They weren't going anywhere. Brett does make compelling viewing. He plays every game like it was his last. And as he said last night, he may very well into his final stretch.

Mike said...

While your point about there being too many bowl games is valid, Marshall moved from the MAC to Conference USA.

As it is, 10 SEC teams are bowl-eligible. That is crazy.

Mr. D said...

So the Thundering Herd moved from one podunk conference to another? Most excellent!

If 10 SEC teams are bowl eligible, that means their strategy of playing less conference games and more games against Troy, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Florida Power & Light and Lakeland Dental Academy is working well. Maybe I was too rough on the Badgers for playing Wofford.

my name is Amanda said...

Is football so controversial that people feel the need to comment anonymously on the topic?!

Gino said...

actually, amanda, i think the anon is somebody who just forgot to log in, or didnt want to deal with the hassle of returning to the log in page fisrt.
or just forgot to sign at the bottom. i used to do it all the time and not realize it.

hilarious observation,though. :)

Mr. D said...

I mostly know who "anonymous" is, Amanda. I have 2-3 friends from back home who read this blog regularly and I can usually tell from the way the comment is written who wrote it. And Gino's right about registration; if you don't have to, some people figure it's not worth bothering.

But that said, I also agree with Gino that your comment is pretty hilarious.

"R.A. Crankbait" said...

Yeah, buck up, you Badgers and leave your name!