Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Have to Ask

It's not going well over in Copenhagen at the Global Warming Tent Revival, but there's reason to hope. Hugo Chavez is in the house:

President Chavez brought the house down.

When he said the process in Copenhagen was “not democratic, it is not inclusive, but isn’t that the reality of our world, the world is really and imperial dictatorship…down with imperial dictatorships” he got a rousing round of applause.

When he said there was a “silent and terrible ghost in the room” and that ghost was called capitalism, the applause was deafening.

But then he wound up to his grand conclusion – 20 minutes after his 5 minute speaking time was supposed to have ended and after quoting everyone from Karl Marx to Jesus Christ - “our revolution seeks to help all people…socialism, the other ghost that is probably wandering around this room, that’s the way to save the planet, capitalism is the road to hell....let’s fight against capitalism and make it obey us.” He won a standing ovation.

Very nice. Thrifty Scot over at Boots On noticed that our very own greener-than-thou state representative, Kate Knuth, is over in Copenhagen and has been tweeting away. One of Kate's tweets is as follows:

After days of science, policy, negotiations, and protesters, inspirational speech by Sen Kerry at #cop15 was appreciated. Now let's deliver.

We'll leave the absurd notion of an "inspirational speech by Sen Kerry" aside for the moment. Okay, Kate, I have to ask -- what, pray tell, do you want to deliver?


W.B. Picklesworth said...

I particularly like the following tweet.

It's the science itself demanding action from all of us- senator Kerry

Uh, nope. Sorry. Your ilk have made science into "science" for partisan gain. You, sir, are perpetrating a fraud because you think the rest of us are stupid. I, for my part, think you are no smarter than an embalmed butt cheek.

Mr. D said...

embalmed butt cheek

True. And a great name for a band, too. Well played, Picklesworth!

R.A. Crankbait said...

I'm not paying good money to see no "Embalmed Butt Cheek."

Bare Naked Ladies, on the other hand....