Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carey, Get Out Your Cane and I'll Put On Some Silver

Last night Fearless Maria and I spent most of the evening at home doing homework, art projects and paperwork. Since the guys weren't home, I played Fearless Maria's Hannah Montana CD. The next CD in the player was Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark.

When Mr. D came home, he pulled up a couple of Joni Mitchell's performances that are on YouTube. As you all know, Fearless Maria always notices the clothes and hairstyles of the performers on YouTube. To her, anything that is more than five years old looks weird. The Joni Mitchell clips that Mr. D pulled up are from the early 1970's and she looks exactly what a woman in the early 1970's looked like in those days.

Big Yellow Taxi

Help Me

I'm younger than Joni Mitchell but I also wore my hair straight and dressed in long dresses in the early 1970's. My parents probably still have the Kodak pictures to prove it.

The YouTube videos reminded me of how often women wore dresses when I was growing up. I still wear a dress or skirt about once a week to work. Most of my co-workers that have a similar job wear jeans or khaki pants on a daily basis. Even on Easter or Christmas in church, I see very few, if any, women wearing a skirt or dress.

Maybe I am part of a dying breed, women who enjoy dressing up.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

I'm with ya Mrs. D. And I think it holds true for both sexes. That is to say they are both going casual, not that they are both leaving their skirts in the closet. Rare is the man with a tie on Sunday morning at my church.

There's something about it that makes me just a little bit sad. We have a lot of trouble with boundaries these days. Cell phones, casual dress, using strangers' first names, waitresses saying "you guys"... What else dies when distinctions depart this mortal coil?

Gino said...

but do you dare to wear the chuck taylor's with your dresses?