Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lightning Round - 052510

The storms are in North Dakota now and might be headed this way. And that ain't all.
  • Andrew Malcolm is that unlikeliest of birds, a conservative at the Los Angeles Times. He's also provided the headline of the year so far: Obama White House probe of Obama White House finds no Obama White House impropriety on Sestak. That pretty much covers it. You should read the piece, which shows two very important things: (1) the extent that the White House doesn't want to talk about the issue (whether or not it tried to buy off Joe Sestak with a job to get him to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate race); and (2) the extent that our media watchdogs would prefer to avoid the issue as well.
  • An important distinction, with gratuitous Palin bashing offered at no extra charge!
  • I gave the insufferable Thomas Friedman a little shot in the post immediately below. Elizabeth "The Anchoress" Scalia does a much more thorough job here. Money quote: "Every murderous totalitarian government of the 20th century began with some insulated group of faux-intellectuals congratulating each other on how smart they are, and fantasizing about how, if they could just install a dictatorship-for-a-day, they could right all the wrongs in the world." Yep. And you still see Che on posters and t-shirts! Read the whole thing.

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