Monday, May 10, 2010

T-Paw Awaits, Clutching His Pen

Alea iacta est.

The Minnesota Legislature has sent Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty a bill to close a budget gap in part by raising income taxes on the highest-paid Minnesotans.

Monday's 71-63 vote followed approval by the state Senate with a bare 34-33 majority.

And in a moment of clarity, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, who is the endorsed DFL candidate for governor, carried the bill through the House. And in an even better moment of clarity, the deciding vote on the Senate side was cast by none other than Tarryl Clark, who would like to replace Michele Bachmann in Congress. Luke Hellier at MDE has the visuals. Meanwhile, Kate Knuth and Satveer Chaudhary apparently would like you to pay more taxes. Thought you should know.


Right Hook said...

"Kate Knuth and Satveer Chaudhary apparently would like you to pay more taxes. Thought you should know."

We've know for a long time. The only question is whether or not the people in District 50 will finally be motivated enough to get out and vote these poor excuses for representation out of office.

CousinDan 54915 said...

As a Sconnie resident, I'm probably not one to need to speak with great clarity on MN politics. Every time I see reference to the "DFL" I laugh, as DFL (I won't report the shorthand as this is a family show) is where I believe the candidates from that esteemed party will be when the ballots are counted in November. As to the effort of the media types, its too bad we can only vote them out by turning them off. I know MSNBC doesn't have good ratings, but an occasional watch of Rachel Maddow allows me to avoid owning a pit bull as I can watch one when I need one.

I almost never need a clown, but knowing Olbermann or Bill Maher is only a click away is comforting. Or I can look to Madison and see our fine governor, who could do the County Fair circuit for the rest of his life; maybe that would reduce his state pension?

Good luck MN, throw the bums out.