Thursday, April 14, 2011

Millionaires for Moral Vanity

They are Happy to Pay for a Better Minnesota Country, these swell fellas. It's the Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, who are demanding that President Obama raise their taxes.

They're not serious, of course. How do we know that? Two reasons:

1) If they were serious, they could write checks to the U.S. Treasury right now. No one is stopping them.

2) If you look at the website, you'll notice that they are soliciting funds to put their ad on television. These dudes are millionaires. What, they can't afford an ad buy?

Well, maybe if they get their wish, Obama can put their ad on PBS or something.


Anonymous said...

One of these days, the Republicans are just going to have to vote on a tax on DEMOCRAT millionaires and see how that flies. Or do what a couple of states have done, which is to pass an optional higher tax bracket for anybody that wants to use it. Sometimes a few suckers chip in, netting the state a few grand extra. They are probably Democrats, too, judging by their fiscal savvy.

J. Ewing

Night Writer said...

Maybe they should ask their Congress-critter to ear-mark them out an appropriation since this is for the good of the country after all.

They're happy to pay more. That is, unless they're a movie producer looking for a sweet deal and tax incentives from a state government to persuade them to shoot their Sci-fi thriller in Kansas.

Bike Bubba said...

You know, I can tolerate a bit of hypocrisy out of rich socialists, but it flat out scares me that these guys are ignoring the fact that the obligations of the welfare state simply cannot be met.

In other words, I expect rich people to seek their own good, however they define it. I do not expect rich people to blithely refuse to heed the obvious implications of a balance sheet.

Quite frankly, that's horrendous, and it leads me to wonder how they earned their millions. I am guessing that most of them earned it through litigation or stock option windfalls--I simply do not see the names of very many corporate leaders who have managed to run an enterprise profitably for a long time.