Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quick followup

I wrote at some length yesterday about how two brothers who were abused by a Catholic priest in the 1970s have had their particular case turned into a political football in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.
I was a 1st grade classmate of Todd Merryfield, who quite understandably hasn't wanted his personal pain to be used as a cudgel. If you want to hear how Todd Merryfield feels about the matter, you can hear his views here, which is a link to a podcast from Milwaukee-based talk radio host Charlie Sykes. Todd minces no words.
Godspeed to my old classmate.


TJ said...

Mr. D,
If the email account in your profile is still being used, both my brother and I sent you emails.

Thanks for the kinds words!

Mr. D said...

You are welcome, Troy. I heard from Todd yesterday. I can only hope that Wednesday arrives soon and that all this will be over and you and your brother can live your lives as you see fit.

Night Writer said...

It is sad when an innocent is used for someone else's - or some organization's - selfish ends.