Friday, April 29, 2011

May They Live Happily Ever After

Benster has been watching the 10:00 pm news pretty consistently with us for the last couple of weeks. Many nights he has commented that the stories are violent and the news is negative.

That is not what I saw on the news this morning.

I saw huge a huge crowd of people milling around in the streets armed with cameras and flags, not guns.

I saw the police using words and hand signals to control the crowd, not riot gear or tear gas.

I saw the crowd being respectful of a famous building, not attempting to break into or camp out overnight in the famous building.

I heard the crowd applaud and yell "kiss, kiss", not shouting angry words.

Sometimes, when most of what we see around us is negative, that is when we really need to hear the story of a smart and beautiful woman falling in love, getting married in a tiara and a gorgeous wedding gown made specially for her, riding off in a carriage to live in a castle with her handsome prince.


Brad Carlson said...

To me, the story loses its luster due to the fact the fairy tale couple shacked up prior to getting married. Color me old-fashioned, I guess.

my name is Amanda said...

Brad, that's why this marriage might actually last - in addition to the fact that they are more educated, and each older than royal couples have been in the past. All details pointing a pair of adults who know how to maintain a functional, positive relationship filled with mutual respect and love.

Cohabitation fails when the couple randomly slides into matrimony (say, at the advent of pregnancy), than when the couple makes a reasoned decision together, to take the next big step. Incidentally, so does non-conhabitation.

Sorry folks, but you don't have to admit it, in order for it to be true: Liberal values make life better.


Also, I get what Mrs. D is saying about good things to watch on the news, but I am compelled to add that nobody in the crowd was barred from entering a building which they have a legal right to enter, and the monarchy wasn't participating in stripping the crowd of bargaining rights upon which people depend, for guaranteeing the security of their livelihoods.

Brad Carlson said...

Brad, that's why this marriage might actually last

Statistically NOT true. Divorce rates are higher amongst married couples who lived together before marriage. But you go ahead and believe the opposite to appease your conscience.

Liberal values...

AKA "Nanny State." Yeah, I'll pass.

Bike Bubba said...

Divorce rates among those who cohabit are about 50% higher than among those who don't, and domestic violence among cohabiting couples are triple those of the married.

But of course, liberal values make everything better. At least if you're a divorce lawyer or jail guard, I guess.