Monday, January 09, 2012

On Tebow

Two observations:

  1. I have little reason to believe that God cares who wins NFL games. I would assume that at least someone on the Pittsburgh Steelers was praying for God's benevolence as well.
  2. What makes Tim Tebow different? He apparently really means what he says. And while he still has mechanical issues to correct as a quarterback, he made some really good throws yesterday, including the one that won the game. In a league that is all about narratives, Tebow and the Broncos are providing a highly interesting one.


Mr. D said...

Meanwhile, Gino asks a great question at his place.

Gino said...

NFL is entertainment. like reality TV, the business media needs to expand the drama to keep it more interesting for the typical viewer.

but still... i never in a million yrs thought that cheap toss post would generate drama of its own. i love blogging, and i'm not even that good at it.