Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vikings to _______?

As the lege gets ready to start up, Mark Dayton gives Zygi and the boys the news they don't want to hear:

Gov. Mark Dayton told the Minnesota Vikings on Monday that the only workable site this year for a new stadium is the Metrodome, apparently bringing the team's long search for a new home back to where it started. "The governor spoke to Mr. Zygi Wilf this afternoon and told him that if we are going to get a stadium bill passed this year, it will have to be at the Metrodome site," said the governor's spokeswoman, Katharine Tinucci.
And now Zygi is coming back to Minnesota for a "come to Jesus" meeting. The question is, who gets to be Jesus in this one:

Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley said the team is upset by the news, which came just the team appeared to be shifting from its preferred site in Arden Hills to the so-called Linden Avenue location near the Minneapolis' Basilica of St. Mary. "We were told by the governor's office that Linden Avenue is not workable, at least in the short term," said Bagley, the team's vice president of public affairs and stadium development. "All I can tell you is that our ownership is extremely frustrated with the situation."

I'll bet. We're at the point now where Wilf is getting what is called "Hobson's Choice" -- what is on offer, or nothing. If you read between the lines, what Bagley is telling you is this -- if the Metrodome site is the only option, the Vikings are going to pursue other options. My guess is that is what Wilf will tell Dayton tomorrow. And that is when it gets interesting.


Anonymous said...

Well, I sure hope the Vikings FIND other options, because what they've put on the table isn't fit for taxpayer consumption. I still say there ought to be a solution that gets the Vikings a stadium they want, that doesn't expand gambling, and that doesn't put the taxpayers on the hook for most of the cost. I just don't think anybody is looking for it.

J. Ewing

Night Writer said...

This is pure political butt-covering. The Gov and lege don't want to fund a stadium but don't want to get blamed for losing the Vikings. So they put forth an untenable either/or which, if the Vikings reject, will allow them to say "We tried, but the greedy Vikings weren't interested."

Anonymous said...

After the Vikings are gone, perhaps Dayton can get the Packers, or the Chiefs to schedule a pre-season game in the Cities.

R-Five said...

At least this phrase before the shearing should be entertaining, watching two libs battle it out, crony unions vs crony capitalism.