Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to City Hall

It is official. Mr. Dilettante is the new Mayor of the MOB. We will have a press conference over the weekend to lay out our agenda and announce a few key appointments. My thanks to SOSFL Learned Foot for his diligence and, if I may, I'd especially like to congratulate the other candidates in the race for running a spirited campaign, with special thanks to the Master of Sausages for phoning it in.


Gino said...

just dont be gettin too big a head on ya.

Mr. D said...

Not a chance -- the primary duty of the MOB Mayor to be mocked by other bloggers. I fully accept the mocking.

Night Writer said...

Wait - it's over? I'm out of town and didn't get the memo. In fact, though, I fully intended to phone it in but I didn't get around to buying more minutes for my phone. And to think that it was just the other day when my wife said that for the first time in her life she was proud of the MOB.

Regardless, the voters have spoken and I accept their verdict and thank them for their time. I look forward to retiring from public life to spend more time with my (growing) family. After driving some 1500 miles in the last six days while campaigning in all 57 states, I'm tired.

I extend my congratulations to my worthy opponent, along with a fruit basket largely consisting of durian (best not to bring it in-doors).

redsquirrel said...

Congratulations on your tremendous victory.

I was wondering what music you chose to crank up at your victory party. Is it:

a. Celebration,,,,Kool And The Gang
b. something patriotic, like Stars And Stripes Forever
c. The MOB Rules....Black Sabbath

Gino said...

i was thinking megalomaniac by incubus.

"you're no fucking Elvis..." i love that line.

Mr. D said...

Thank you, NW. Durian is a lovely gift -- my cousin used to live in Indy and he told me it's all the rage down there.

And thank you as well, Redsquirrel. We need to talk about the open position of Director of Parks & Recreation.

All music suggestions are welcome. I do have a few ideas but would need to run them by Fearless Maria first.

First Ringer said...

Given that this is a MOB election, I'm surprised none of your opponents have taken the Morris Udall approach to your victory:

"The voters have spoken...the bastards."


K-Rod said...

Hmmm, foreseen this I have, blog post I did. The force is strong with Mr. D.