Thursday, March 01, 2018


If you follow Hollywood at all, you're probably familiar with Sabo, a "street artist" who takes over bus station signs and billboards in and around Hollywood, posting subversive messages. And by subversive, I mean conservative:

Way outside Ebbing, Missouri
The Hollywood Reporter has more:
With a nod to the Oscar-nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, conservative street artist Sabo has hijacked three billboards in Hollywood to attack the entertainment industry for allegedly shielding pedophiles.

Reminiscent of the signage in the Martin McDonagh film, which is up for seven Oscars including best picture, with black text on a field of red, three consecutive billboards in Hollywood sprang up Wednesday, each calling out the industry.

“And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to…” reads one sign.

Another says, “We all knew and still no arrests.”

A third billboard reads: “Name names on stage or shut the hell up!”
Sabo has done this sort of thing many times before, quite effectively:

She did

This one is unfair -- estrogen has its uses. Jimmy Kimmel, not so much

He picks the correct targets, certainly:

A terrible blow, but that's how it goes
I'm a fan.

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