Sunday, April 06, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Part Eleven - Nin Edition

I remember thinking it a bit weird at the time. There was a time in the 1980s and on into the 90s, where it seemed like there was always a song on the radio called "Spy In the House of Love." But what was funny is that each of the songs were different.

I didn't know about Anais Nin until later on -- good Catholic boys from Wisconsin are usually a slow on the uptake when it comes to erotica. I think I still have a copy of Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer in the house someplace, but it really wasn't my thing. But let's be honest here; rock and roll is quite often about Topic A. And so the idea of a title like "Spy In the House of Love," which is cribbed from one of Nin's works, makes a good title. And, in a few cases, some good songs.

So it's time for a little cloak and dagger d'amour. Here are four different songs with the same basic title. I will say that I have a very strong preference for one of these over the others, but I won't tip my hand.

First is this one, from a very good 80s pop band that never got much traction:

"Spy In the House of Love," by the dB's, from their mostly forgotten 1984 album "Like This."

Next, with the dapper Sweet Pea Atkinson at the helm, we have:

"Spy In the House of Love," by Was (Not Was)

Then, we have something completely different:

"Spy in the House of Love" by Animal Logic, featuring Deborah Holland on vocals and ex-Policeman Stewart Copeland on the drum kit.

Finally, a few years later, we go back to dapper:

"Spy In the House of Love," by Steve Winwood, with his patented sleek pop gloss and high-end production values.

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Gino said...

can i pass?

Mark Heuring said...

No Gino, you can't. You are compelled to vote.

Gino said...



Mark Heuring said...

Good job, Gino. You made the right choice, I think. Oops, think I tipped my hand after all.

Maria said...

Number 3. Well, I guess I just wanted to vote for that. There's a girl singing, and it's not that bad of a video. No offense, other videos!


Anonymous said...

not sure if you would count this, but The Doors had a song called "The Spy" on Morrison Hotel that was inspired by this novel.


Mark Heuring said...

Sure, why not, Rich? No one likes any of the songs I posted anyway.

Mike said...

I don't know about that...the DBs one is pretty good.