Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Hall of Fame Journey

Hey, did you hear that Journey is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I've been getting crap from my siblings about it ever since the announcement was made yesterday, because I'm a known Journey-phobe.

I don't really care. I understand that a lot of bands have their fans and my music snobbery has largely subsided over the years. I am happy that ELO gets in this year. They were a great singles band and Jeff Lynne probably is the most accomplished of the late-period Beatlemanics.

Of the bands/performers on the outside, I'd say the biggest snub is Todd Rundgren, who has a strong resume, including a number of hits and strong work as a producer. There are others. The list of inductees is here. Who would you like to see join the Cleveland pantheon?


Gino said...

The Chameleons. Duh...

Gino said...

Maybe I should protest. If the Chameleons aren't in then it #notmyrocknrollhalloffame