Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Baseball HOF Ballot -- A Quick Synopsis

Not worth writing about politics at the moment, so let's take a quick glance at the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Results are due shortly, so before we run out of time, my best guesses:

In this year:

  1. Jeff Bagwell. Just short last year, with 71.6% of votes. Has always had the credentials, but played in the steroid era so like just about everyone not named Ken Griffey, Jr. he is viewed with suspicion. A great player nonetheless.
  2. Tim Raines. Last chance, didn't miss by much last time with 69.8% of the votes. He should have been in on the first ballot, but playing much of your career in Montreal doesn't help, nor does being a direct contemporary of Rickey Henderson. Doesn't matter, though -- he should be in, and he will be.
  1. Trevor Hoffman. Didn't miss by much, but I'm lukewarm about his candidacy. Relief pitching is different in the modern era and his value seems inflated. He will make it eventually, though.
  2. Ivan Rodriguez. By the numbers and by the eye test, the best catcher of the modern era. Does have a steroid taint, though, which may keep him out for a while. An interesting case -- if he gets in, the floodgates may open for other players with similar problems, including another first time ballot player, Manny Ramirez.
  3. Curt Schilling. A dominant post-season pitcher and one of the best power pitchers of his era. I prefer Mike Mussina, but Schilling has his advocates. He probably would be well served to keep some of his political opinions to himself, even though that shouldn't matter.
The rest of the players on the ballot, along with handy statistical summaries of their careers, can be found here. Unless I miss my guess, Arthur Rhodes and Casey Blake are going to fall short. 


Mike said...

I think Vladimir Guerrero is up this year. I think if he would've gotten to 500 HR, he'd have been a shoo-in this year. As it is, he needs to get serious consideration. Very productive at the plate, and one of the best defensive outfielders we've ever seen. His arm was incredible. People just didn't run on him.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. If Raines doesn't get in, the voters need to be slapped around for hours on end.

Mr. D said...

I like Vlady but I think he has very little chance of getting there this year. He could make it in about 2020.