Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Dead but too dumb to lie down

For better or worse, Donald Trump is going to be president The recounts aren't going to change anything. In Michigan, they are likely not to happen at all:
The State Court of Appeals has encouraged the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to reject Green Party candidate Jill Stein's recount petition, marking the latest turn in a flurry of legal drama over the recount.

The ruling comes after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed in a 2-1 decision U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith's Monday ruling allowing the recount to proceed immediately. In that ruling, the federal court determined the order issued by Goldsmith could be dismissed if state courts ruled the recount to be out of order with state law.

Following the state court ruling, Attorney General Bill Schuette said in a statement he would file a motion in federal court seeking to dissolve the temporary restraining order.
Once Schuette shows up at the 6th Circuit, the recount will be done. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, nothing much is changing, either:
The totals show for day 6:
Trump has lost 429 votes
Trump has gained 568 votes
Clinton has lost 405 votes
Clinton has gained 546 votes

Trump has gained a net of 139 votes
Clinton has gained a net of 141 votes

Clinton has gained a net of 2 votes after 6 days.
What does Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, get for all this? Well, certainly she gets a lot of names and addresses of people willing to give money to left-wing causes. More importantly, she gets the names and addresses of people willing to finance a fool's errand. There's a lot of value in idiocy.


Anonymous said...

All for the low, low cost of $5 million (plus shipping, handling, and lawyers' fees, but mostly lawyers' fees).

Bike Bubba said...

Blowing through five million bucks on a fool's errand in probably illegal collusion with Hilliary. Like you, I'm no fan of Trump, but I think the country dodged a bullet this year.

Gino said...

little known fact: election law allows a candidate to take a salary while running for office. maybe this is just a way to extend her campaign until she lands another gig?