Friday, December 02, 2016

Open thread

Comcast covers itself in glory yet again, so I  have no Internet service at home. I'm not especially adept at blogging from my phone, so we'll call this one an open thread.

Having said that, I would ask that you keep the two young women from Mounds View High School who died yesterday morning in your thoughts and prayers. Life is precious and the car crash that cost them their lives was horrific.


R.A. Crankbait said...

Here's an open thread to say, "Happy birthday, Mr. D!"

R.A. Crankbait said...

Regarding Comcast, I work from home and often after transfer huge data files from my company's servers to my computer. I was having constant problems with the process freezing up. Working with my company's helpdesk we investigated all possible issues with my computer and with the company network and the verdict was that it had to be a problem with Comcast. Comcast of course denied that there was an issue. When I asked for a technician to come out they said they would send one, but would have to charge me if there was nothing wrong.

Well it turns out that the technician discovered that the original installer had used the wrong gauge cable to hook me up given my distance from the nearest box, and they had given me the wrong router/modem for my service level. He ran the right cable to my house and brought me a new router and all has been well since then. Oh, and they didn't charge me for the service call.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Yesterday I went to the funeral of a 57 year old pastor who had been in prime health his whole life long. An artery to his intestines got blocked and they went necrotic and he died in less than a day. Quite a shock to everyone. Among the 60 pastors who showed up to the funeral was a retired Catholic priest who I had the pleasure to chat with for a while. I asked him which pope, John Paul 2 or Benedict, he preferred as a writer. He wouldn't say which he preferred, but said that JP2 was the kind of a guy who manned the counter at a store, a people person; Benedict was the technician in the back room. He added that Francis was trying to emphasize that priests had to get out of the office and amongst the people. I was initially asking because I'm interested in doing a bit of reading to better understand Catholicism, but I was happy to listen to his answer as he gave it.

Mr. D said...

Thank you, Crankbait!

WBP, the priest you met is correct. I'd read Benedict, by the way.