Wednesday, December 21, 2016

il miglior fabbro

John Hayward, making the point that needs to be made, yet again:
Most Americans don’t want anyone undermining the legitimacy of an incoming administration even before the new President gets to the Oval Office. But Democrats are all-in on this strategy to de-legitimize Trump, and it’s turning their entire party into a pull-your-own-teeth convention of amateur dentists. We like to congratulate ourselves on the “peaceful transfer of power,” but that phrase has little meaning if the legitimacy of the victor is smeared prior to the inauguration.

These practitioners of “faithless elector” political reincarnation declared they had some special authority to declare Trump unfit for office – not because he allegedly violated any legal standard for the presidency, but because they really hate him, and hate the people who voted for him.

Accepting the legitimacy of an election does not require submission to the new President. Not a speck of agreement with Donald Trump is required to get through Inauguration Day. There isn’t even anything wrong with declaring unalterable opposition to everything on his agenda and hoping he fails, as Rush Limbaugh was robustly criticized for saying of President Obama in 2009. Vigorous dissent is a legitimate thing. But subverting our electoral system is quite another.

Democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors by churning out post-election Hot Takes about abolishing the Electoral College. Even casual voters are getting the message that left-wingers aren’t serious or principled in their opposition. The nation hungers for adult leadership, and Democrats are acting like children on a playground, demanding six strikes before they promise to give up the bat. 
It's all about power and this ongoing meltdown is remarkable. And Hayward gets to the most important point -- the amount of hate on the Left seems inexhaustible. As always, the whole thing is worth a read.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

"Clinton is trapped in a nightmare her voters refuse to wake up from."

I get what he's saying with this, but Clinton could easily be defusing this whole thing. By all accounts she began well on the day after the election. But since that time I'm not aware that she's disabused port-siders of their destructive fantasy. Had she said, "I will NOT participate in a futile recount. I condemn the notion that winning the popular vote has any electoral significance and repudiate any effort to undermine the Constitution and the Republic itself by trying to influence or intimidate electors. I thank you for your support, but the election is over. Now we move forward." Had she said something like this she would have done the Democratic Party a great favor. But she has demonstrated how poor of a leader she would have been. We dodged not a bullet, but a cannonball.

Gino said...

another of my reasonings for supporting Trump is being played out. i'm glad i supported him because it really upset some of those that needed to be upset.