Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We got back from my hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, yesterday. It was a short visit, really only a day, but it was nice to see most of my family. And by being in Wisconsin on Christmas Day, I missed the weather chaos in the Twin Cities.

We're definitely in a news lull here -- it's tiresome to continue writing about the latest eruptions of rage coming from the Left, especially since it's increasingly evident that the incoming Trump administration is going to be spending significant resources trolling its enemies. It's not a game worth playing, really.

I'm giving some thought to how this feature will operate in 2017. I've vowed many times to spend less time on politics and more time on other topics; perhaps this will be the year to make that happen. I'm not going to shut things down here, but it's possible we won't have as much content as in previous years. We have a lot going on in our lives these days, as my children are now (mostly) adults. The dynamic has changed. Stay tuned.


Gino said...

i plan on getting back into gear in the next day or few.

word of warning: unless you post (mostly) daily, you end up posting not at all. i know this.

Mr. D said...

Yep -- I know that well, Gino. It's why I post daily. I am glad you are getting back in the game, too.