Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Well, I'm back from my Black Friday shopping trip. I went to three stores and still made it back to the house in time to pack for our trip to Madison. I bought a couple of kids toys to give as donations, a couple of cooking items, a gift for Mr. D and a couple of items for myself, I mean "miscellaneous" items :)

Walgreens had more employees than customers in the store. Wal Mart and JCP were crowded but not horrible.

The funniest sight I saw was a Wal Mart employee who was wearing a bright orange safety vest that said Event Staff on the back of the vest.


Gino said...

i totally avoid black friday. i used to go occasionally to take advantage of some of the deals, but about 4 yrs ago i just decided that it wasnt worth the time and money anymore.

crowds. ugh.
no fun.

K-Rod said...

Crowds make old men grumpy.