Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lightning Round 111109

Very quickly:

I don't think the notion that Maj. Hasan was a lone nut is going to hold up to scrutiny. And while it's too late in many respects, a little scrutiny is in order.

Then again, maybe we don't need to scrutinize Maj. Hasan that much. The redoubtable Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago, has figured out the real villain in this event.

Do you remember the case of Gerald Walpin, the inspector general who was investigating an Obama friend and was fired based on trumped up charges? Well, the truth is out. And now Walpin wants his job back. We'll find out a lot about the Obama administration by watching how this matter unfolds.

Speaking of inspectors general, it's sure nice to see that Fan and Fred have figured out a way to rid themselves of their meddlesome priest. And hats off to HuffPo for covering this story.

And speaking of meddlesome priests....

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