Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Local Scene -- Victory!

We have a new mayor in New Brighton. Dave Jacobsen defeated the longtime incumbent, Steve Larson, by a substantial 57-43% margin. Results are here.

In addition, council member Gina Bauman was re-elected and she will be joined by Char Samuelson, who had served previously on the council before leaving for the state legislature in 2002. Bauman and Samuelson bested five other contenders for the two available seats on the council. Results for that race are also at the link.

We'll talk more about what it all means in the coming days. Jacobsen, Bauman and Samuelson will join council incumbents Dave Phillips and Mary Burg on the council. This will be a very different city council than we have seen in the past and it means that some of the old ways of doing business are going to change. Mayor-elect Jacobsen and the new council members face some enormous challenges in the next few years and will have to move quickly. But for tonight, congratulations are in order.


Churckwagon Boy said...

Awesome - congratulations! And it looks like Christie won in NJ and there was a 3 way sweep in VA. It will be interesting to see how it is all spun! :o)

Also, did you see Jesse on CNN tonight? Wow, I wish he would go away as he is so narcissistic. And to see him try to take on Ben Stein was extremely funny.

Mr. D said...

Thanks, CB. I haven't focused that much on the national scene, although it's interesting. The most important win was probably Christie winning in NJ.

Jesse vs. Ben Stein? Wow. Just wow. May have to see if I can find that on the intertubes....