Monday, November 16, 2009

Good News from Your Government

You know, we've been too hard on the president and his team. Really, they're doing a hell of a job.

I'm being totally serious. And I can prove it. They've been kind enough to provide hard data on the effectiveness of the stimulus package that we can all look at ourselves. It's all right there on the federal government's website. And there it is -- incontrovertible proof that real people are gaining tangible benefits from the stimulus. Consider the lucky souls in Minnesota's 57th Congressional District. It's right there on the website: the government has created or saved 35 jobs in the 57th, and it took only $606,956 dollars to do it. A very impressive performance.

At first I was having a little trouble finding the Fighting 57th on the map, since most maps of Minnesota that show congressional boundaries indicate that the state has only 8 congressional districts. But if you're willing to dig deeper, you can get the answer. I believe the congressional office is located here. In addition, with just a few minutes of internet searching I was able to locate this promotional film from their Chamber of Commerce. It appears to that much of the grant money went to the performing arts. That's a good thing.

After receiving this reassuring news, I may have to rethink my position about the government's bid to increase its role in health care.


CousinDan54915 said...

I was wondering if any stimulus money was used to get Al Franken elected so this stimulus could be passed so we could have more jobs.

Dan S. said...

I hope the stimulus money was utilized as efficiently in the other 56 states.

K-Rod said...

8 jobs for over $5 million! Efficiency at its finest.

Not to mention most of the stimuloss jobs are not long term growth jobs.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Ah yes, the 57th. I believe their Congressperson is Rep. Acorn.