Thursday, September 04, 2014

Benster and D Pick Your Game --- Revenge of the Jobbed Edition

Hi, we're back. It's football, dang it!

So it appears. What's the topic, young fella?

Well, in the not so distant past a great wrong was done to the Packers. A wrong so hideous and violent, we are banned by law from even showing it because it makes potentially dangerous emotions come to the surface. This time, this day, the Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seahawks open the regular season against the Super Bowl XLV champion Packers. I know that the fans streaming into CenturyLink Field are HYYYYYYYYYPPPEEED! up but so am I. First, a note that we are working on a way for us to do Benster and D remotely because I am about to leave for lovely Galesburg, Illinois, where I will be attending college and will have to figure out my schedule.

Yeah, that social life is a big deal.

No, that's not it, Geritol Fan! I have to study! And I've studied this game very carefully. Watch me work!

Glorious Green Bay Packers (+6) vs. Seattle Seabags. We've already discussed what happened last time the Packers were in the PNW and it wasn't pretty. Almost as ugly as the uniforms the Seahawks have busted out in recent years. Most people tend to think that Seattle will roll over the Packers, because this game is a celebration and coronation. However, comma, in the two games the Seahawks played in the playoffs last year, they were not exactly dominant. In fact, they struggled against two high-powered offenses. Now comes the Packer offense, which features Aaron Rodgers and a real live running game this time. The Packers aren't busting out Cedric Benson, or Cedric the Entertainer, or whoever else that was last time. It's Eddie Lacy, bruising tailback extraordinaire. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Packers spread the ball around. You can't just concentrate on Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb -- you have to think about everyone. On the other hand, the Seahawks have our old friend Percy Harvin, who is apparently healed up from his 438 assorted injuries that he suffered last season, apparently while he was trying to get out of the whirlpool, since he rarely saw the field. As much as we love and respect Russell Wilson, he is going to have to hope that Harvin doesn't dissolve on the way to the field and that Marshawn Lynch isn't arrested or something. It's going to be fierce, but it's time for the Seahawks to get boomed. Packers 28, Seahawks 24.

Plausible, I think. Very plausible. It's the first game of the year and hope springs eternal. I'll be curious to see what Julius Peppers can do now that he's wearing Green and Gold. If the Packers can get a pass rush, they have enough coverage in the secondary to make things interesting for Wilson. I'm going with my heart on this one, even though it's going to be a tough one to win in an exceptionally hostile environment. Packers 30, Seahawks 27.

Don't be surprised if these teams meet again later on. Could be in Green Bay next time, too. We'll be back on Saturday morning with more picks and the inaugural appearance of the Knox College Prairie Fire in this feature! Ben out!


Mr. D said...

Guess the Packers aren't good enough yet....

Gino said...

against THAT D, in THAT field? nobody is.

seattle only needs to win 3 honest games to make the playoffs this year, because they already have 8 gimmees sewn up.

Bike Bubba said...

So apparently that dancin' stuff they did at Knox overcame the ineptness of the hoops team, then?