Monday, September 29, 2014

Potentially helpful, yet still irritating

Tom Horner, who took just enough votes away from Tom Emmer to hand the governorship to Mark Dayton in 2010, now endorses Jeff Johnson:
Minnesota still is a state of great strengths, thanks to the innovation of earlier leaders. But we are a very different state today than we were three decades ago when Mark Dayton first ran for office. We can’t solve tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions.
Yep. Mark Dayton's platform, much like that of his party, hasn't changed in any substantive ways since the days of Floyd B. Olson. Back to Horner:
Gov. Dayton has spent four years promising to close the achievement gap between Minnesota’s white students and students of color. Yet the gap remains one of the worst in the country. Johnson has outlined a program to create stronger schools, not more powerful teacher unions, which is Dayton’s focus. 
Yep again. And there's more:
Gov. Dayton’s “tax the rich” economic plan isn’t a sustainable solution in a low-wage economy. Sooner rather than later there won’t be enough “rich” and Minnesota’s already high income tax rates will need to become higher and impact not just the top 2 percent, but the top 10, 20, 30 or 50 percent of families, creating yet another drag on Minnesota’s economy.
I'm glad that Horner is saying these things, because they need to be said. Unfortunately, he's about 4 years too late.

One other thing to note -- in his entire piece, he doesn't mention the Independence Party a single time. Wonder why that is....

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