Saturday, September 20, 2014

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Wondering Where the Lions Are Edition

Old dude, I'm settling in to my routine here at Knox and I'm kicking butt all over Illinois. Not that you're surprised by that.

No, I'm not. How do they like the HYYYYPPPE!

They're able to handle it. It's a bit surprising, actually. But for the most part, they seem to be rolling pretty good with my brilliance. And so now it's time to unleash some more HYYYYPPPE! Watch me work.

San Jose State Spartans (+ 9) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Gophers did not perform well in Fort Worth and the wonder is if this team can finally put things together. San Jose is defiantly a step down but the way the Gophers look right now things are very shaky. And teams that are shaky lose. SJSU 21, Minnesota 17.

I'm not sure the Gophers will score much, but they will score enough. Gophers 21, San Jose 7.

Bowling Green Falcons (+27) vs. Beloved Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin did not look very good in the first half but turned it around against Western Illinois. With the extra week to prepare, Wisconsin should be looking good because the book is out that McEvoy can make teams pay for crowding the box. A win here should be no problem. Wisconsin 56, Bowling Green 17.

I kinda think the line is a bit high. Bowling Green did beat Indiana. Mind you, everybody beats Indiana. But the Badgers will be rested and ready. And Melvin Gordon wants to get his motor running. Badgers 35, Falcons 14.

Clemson Tigers (+16) vs. Florida State Seminoles. This game was a blowout last year in Clemson but Jameis Winston is suspended for being an immature college kid, which as a college kid is amusing to me. Clemson is in a better place right now and you have to figure that if karma is a female dog, then Jameis will learn about maturity on Saturday. Clemson 35, The New Hurricanes 9.

Jameis Winston seems to have trouble controlling his emotions. He can control the scoreboard, though. I'm not yet convinced that Florida State is really a legitimate contender for the national championship. If they roll over Clemson, you have to pay attention. Seminoles 34, Clemson 17.

Minnesota Vikings (+10) vs. New Orleans Saints. I was able to watch the game down here last week and the Vikings did not look well. Zimmer will have his troops ready to play this week but without AD against a video game offense in a dome, this could be a long day. Saints 42, Norseman 17.

Now, I don't think the Vikings will just roll up into a ball and quit. However, this was going to be a tough game whether Peterson was available or not. The Saints are seeing their rivals get off to fast starts, so they can't take another loss. They won't. Saints 34, Vikings 14.

Glorious Green Bay Packers (+2.5) vs. Detroit Lions. This game is going to feature an Old West duel of gunslingers. The Pack rallied for a very good win against the Jets last week and if the defense can show up, the Lions will be in trouble. While the Lions have looked good this year, you have to wonder if they can get over the hump under Jim Caldwell. I think they can but it still is early for them. Packers 42, Lions 38

It's a shootout for sure. Neither team has proven they can play defense and both teams can score at will, so you'll want to bet the over. Packers 38, Lions 31.

Bear Down Chicago da Bearz (-2.5) v. New York J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Da Bearz surprised me last Sunday by ruining the opening of the House that Harbaugh screamed at. The Jets are a very good young team who gave the Pack a major scare and I think are real playoff contenders this year in the AFC East. Jets 17, Bears 10

The Bears played very well against the 49ers. The Jets feel like they should have stolen one at Lambeau last week, so they'll be angry. I like the Jets in this one. Jets 28, Bears 24.

That's it, that's all. Ben out!


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Give me the Bears over the Jets. Their secondary is the worst in football and Marshall/Jeffrey are likely feeling a bit more healthy this week.

Gino said...

lol, no, it was the Jets who had one stolen from them last week.

problem the Lions face: they'll have to play the officials too. i'll give that game to the pack via a questionable call.

Bears: last week showed what an injured reciever corps fed by an injured QB can do. i'm hoping they keep it up.

Mr. D said...

Stolen? There's a difference between theft and stupidity. Even if they give the Jets the touchdown, that only ties the game, so stolen seems a bit strong.

The only reason I'm picking the Jets is the ever-popular "desperate team at home" scenario. On balance, I suspect the Bears are the better team. Having said that, I wouldn't sleep on the Jets.

Gino said...

it was an invalid time out, and the ref's should not have recognised it.

Mr. D said...

it was an invalid time out, and the ref's should not have recognised it.

For the sake of argument, yes. But that doesn't mean the Packers are the beneficiaries of a theft. Remember, the refs blew the whistle and the Packer players heard that, so it's possible, indeed likely, that they relaxed a bit, knowing that the play was dead.

Gino said...

yeah, that is true, and quite possible..

per the bears: once again, marshall and jeffery are listed as 'questionable' (same injuries). hmmm...

Bike Bubba said...

Speaking as a Spartan, how about them Wolverines vs. Utah? I didn't think Hoke could match RichRod as my favorite Michigan coach ever, but he's doing wonderfully. Memories of ND fans for Gerry Faust!