Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Have some sausage

The session at the Lege is over, for now:
Faced with a midnight deadline to adjourn in the state constitution, the House and Senate each rushed through votes in the final minutes that left many lawmakers protesting. The Senate appeared to actually go two minutes past its deadline.

The House approved a jobs bill, which funds economic development programs and grants, with seconds to spare as Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, ignored representatives demanding to speak and closed the vote as soon as a majority had been reached. Lawmakers yelled "shameful" and "crooks" as Daudt closed out the session -- while multiple others smiled and said, "I love this place."
Mark Dayton has promised vetoes and I'm sure that the Education Minnesota people will make sure that he follows through on his threats. And I'm also certain that a special session is in the offing. Stay tuned.

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