Saturday, May 23, 2015

Neighbors II

So what is your neighborhood like? I started to tell you a bit about my neighborhood yesterday. There's a bit more to the story. While the immediate area I live in is all single-family housing, we have a municipal boundary behind my property line. The area directly behind my house is not New Brighton, but rather St. Anthony. The property directly behind my house is part of a private condominium development, Mirror Lake. It's not a huge complex and the people who live there are mostly older, so it's pretty quiet. We've never had any trouble with our neighbors to the west.

A block to the north, across Foss Road, is Lakeside, a mobile home community. It's a fairly large mobile home community, as the length of Foss Road, from Old Highway 8 to the St. Anthony border, is a little less than a half-mile. While mobile home communities get a lot of derision, the people who live in Lakeside get along well and trouble is rare. It's a well-managed community and there are usually only a few vacancies at a time.

Taken at a glance, it wouldn't be desirable to live so close to multi-family housing. We've never had an issue. It might seem less than orderly, but it works. More soon.

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