Monday, May 18, 2015

Same as it ever was

Nothing really changed at the Capitol, other than Mark Dayton formally saying he would veto the education bill since it doesn't put private preschools out of business:
“I will veto, again, I will veto a $400 million bill,” Dayton said. A veto would bring high-profile consequences, including the prospect of a Department of Education shutdown, and likely would require a special legislative session to sort out. House Republicans would bear the blame for that, Dayton vowed. By Sunday night, the school funding bill had not yet received full House or Senate floor votes.

“I regret the consequences, but I regret just as much the consequences of not providing prekindergarten for 40,000 children in Minnesota,” Dayton said. He contended that House Republicans prefer to leave more than $1 billion in state funds unspent in order to push a large tax cut next year.
Never mind that a lot of school districts don't even have the space for the program. Never mind that the teachers aren't in place. Never mind the cost that will never go away. Never mind that the private preschools that exist all over the state would likely go away. Dayton wants what he wants, or rather, his handlers in Education Minnesota want.

We'll keep watching this farce.

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