Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gino's On the Mend

And now a word about my friend Gino. As you may know, Gino had surgery about two weeks ago to remove a carotid tumor, a pretty serious deal. The surgery was a tough one and he's had a tough row to hoe in recent weeks, although he's slowly getting his strength back.

Gino is a hell of a guy and his blog, Such is Life, is definitely worth your time, despite the fact that he let me befoul it recently. Even when I disagree with Gino on an issue, he always makes me think twice, especially when I'm indulging in the bad habit of being too clever by half. One of the best parts about blogging is that if you come to it with an open mind, you'll get to know people who help you to understand the world better. Gino has done that for me. He does that for a lot of people, actually, which is why he has a very loyal following.

Rest up, good sir -- better days are ahead!

1 comment:

Gino said...

thanks mark.
and like i said, i owe you one.