Friday, November 28, 2008

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Not Much Left Edition

There aren't many games left to pick. High school football around here is concluding, it's done in Wisconsin and the colleges we care about are awaiting their next assignments. But we need to pick at least four games. So let's go for the O.

Oklahoma Sooners 41, Oklahoma State Cowboys 17. The Sooners convinced me by thrashing Texas Tech. Sooners could be headed for the national championship game. That won't stop this week, although the Cowboys are pretty good.
ACTUAL RESULT: SOONERS 61, COWBOYS 41. Oklahoma has now score 60+ points two weeks in a row. Pretty impressive and the reason they've apparently leapfrogged Texas in the BCS standings, even though Texas beat them earlier. By the way, the BCS is full of FAIL, but that's another post.

Oregon Ducks 24, Oregon State Beavers 21. This game matters to the Big Ten and specifically to our Badgers and Gophers. If the Beavers win, they go to the Rose Bowl and chances are Ohio State gets knocked out of the BCS. Unless you want the Gophers in the Motor City Bowl, you'd better be rooting for the Ducks in the game known as the Civil War.
ACTUAL RESULT: DUCKS 65, BEAVERS 38. And thus the Gophers probably go to Orlando for the Champs Sports Bowl, since the Badgers would prefer a trip to Arizona. Neither gets to visit Detroit for the holidays, which they greatly appreciate.

Green Bay Psychos 31, Carolina Panthers 24. Who knows which Packers will show up this week. Better be the team that whipped on the Bears, or this season is pretty much ovah.
ACTUAL RESULT: CAROLINA 35, PACK 31. I've already seen plenty of commentary blaming Aaron Rodgers for what is becoming a lost season. Well, Aaron Rodgers didn't give up 86 points in the last two games. Go 0-4 against the NFC South? Stay home for the playoffs. It's really that simple.

Munsters of the Midway 31, Purple Helmeted Love Warriors 17. The Vikings can't stand prosperity this year. Our friend Brad Carlson is calling for a new quarterback for the Purple next year. Too bad it can't be this week. I just have a feeling that this one won't go the Purple's way.
ACTUAL RESULT: VIKINGS 34, DA BEARZ 14. The Bears share one thing in common with the Packers -- they are running out of guys because of injuries. The Vikings are healthy and playing better now. Give them credit. Purple fans have to hope that Roger Goodell stays his hand in re the Williamses. If the suspension comes down this week, suddenly the Vikings are low on guys.

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Mike said...

People who are blaming Aaron Rodgers for the Packers' woes are not paying attention. Like you said, 86 points in two weeks. Meanwhile, the Packers have scored 60 points. Scoring 30 points per game should be enough to win. Seems to me Rodgers is doing alright. It's not his fault the Packer D has a propensity to give up big plays. Heck, given the tackle Rodgers made in New Orleans, he may be able to teach some basic tackling skills to a defense that seems to have forgotten how to do it.

As for the Queens, they are 7-5 and in good shape...except they have a pretty tough schedule remaining (Detroit notwithstanding, although it would be hilarious for the Lions to beat the Queens...frankly, the Lions should have beaten them in Minnesota).