Thursday, November 13, 2008

The NTSB Speaks

As expected, the NTSB will issue its final report tomorrow. And as has been expected, it turns out the bridge was doomed from the beginning. So here's my suggestion to all those people who tried to make political hay over this tragedy. Let the report come out, read it carefully and make sure you understand the recommendations. And put your knives away.


Right Hook said...

Carol Molnau lost her MNDot position over the hysterical(and baseless) claims about the bridge collapse being her and the Pawlenty Administration's fault. The DFL demagogued the event to justify tax increases and to promote bait-and-switch transit funding.

We on the right need to take a tactic from the left and hammer the politicians at all levels who demagogued the collapse for pure political purposes and make them pay a political price for it. Offhand, Chaudhary, Knuth, Oberstar, Tinklenberg, Klobuchar, and many others need to be humiliated into an apology for their shameless opportunism of a tragedy.

We on the right cannot keep taking a "no harm, no foul" attitude in these situations or we will be a minority party in perpetuity.

Mark Heuring said...

Sorry, RH. I didn't mean people on the right. I meant the post to be a gentle rebuke to the likes of E-Tink, Amy K. etc.

But perhaps you're right and a gentle rebuke isn't sufficient. Especially since I'm certain an apology won't be forthcoming from these luminaries.

Right Hook said...

Mark -

You were clear.

I just get the sense that there are a lot of us on the right that are just going to let this go without calling the libs out on it.