Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Give The Dork a Little Love

As a reminder, if you need a break from politics, there's a very worthy destination on my sidebar. Dorky Dad has been issuing forth consistent hilarity for a long time now. Just hit the link and keep scrolling -- I'm certain you'll find several things that will make you laugh out loud. And the most impressive part is this: he never works blue (unless you count occasional references to early childhood bodily functions) and if he has a political view, he consistently keeps it to himself. That's a good trick. And the most amazing part of all -- like me, he is a New Brighton resident. And as we all know, New Brighton is hardly a font of mirth. Click that link.


Right Hook said...

"New Brighton is hardly a font of mirth"? Pshhaw!

NB is a very mirthy place if you know where and when to look for it.

Mike said...

I have found mirth at Jake's a couple of times, if by mirth you mean drinking copious amounts of beer. That has to count for New Brighton.