Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Requests

Two questions for the vast North American Mr. Dilettante audience.

  • What portside blogs do you read? Are there any that you recommend? I have historically had a few that I admired, but frankly they've all gone a little nutty in the most recent election cycle. In the interest of making my blogroll a little more heterodox, I'd like to add at least one or two. What say you?
  • Also, does anyone here have mad Photoshop skillz? I have a simple project that I need help with but I don't have the program or the talent to do it. Click on my profile and send me an e-mail. What I have in mind won't take long and you'll get great extravagant credit from me for sharing said skillz. Danke schoen!

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Anonymous said...

since I am one of your main house lefties, I thought it incumbent upon me to respond to your request. I've been quite busy finishing up my latest project at work, but I wrapped it up yesterday, and find myself with quite a bit of time on my hands. Here are the blogs I try to read, (along with Mr. D's, of course) on a regular basis. My apologies for the late response:

On Law and Society...

On History and Religion, with a strong focus on the Middle East...

On foreign affairs, Gregory Djerejian is excellent. He is a Hamiltonian realist who may consider himself a Conservative, but does not share much in common with the current Administration. I wish he wrote more frequently, but when he does find the time, his stuff is always far better than anything else I've read...

Pure debate on many issues, with a strong focus on legal issue. Neither Liberal or Conservative, but with a tilt toward the latter...

My favorite liberals...
Glenn Greenwld at Salon

Matt Yglesias at Think Progress

and Josh Marshall...
They are all quite liberal, but not blindly so, and not nearly as mindless as the Dkos crowd.

Just about everybody at the Atlantic, but particularly, Ross Douthat(Con), James Fallows (Con?, whose insights into China, where he lives, are really interesting), and Andrew Sullivan (Liberatarian Con/Social Lib)...

Lastly, for Economics, nobody beats Greg Mankiw...

BTW, in compiling this list, I came to realize I probably read more Conservative blogs than liberal ones. I am not sure what that means, but I thought you might get a kick out of hearing that.