Monday, December 20, 2010

Lightning Round - 122010

Busy weekend. A few very quick thoughts:
  • If it's not the Coffee Party, it's "No Labels." George Will dispatches these wastes of space efficiently. What people of this sort want is power without accountability. And any movement that includes Michael Bloomberg and Charlie Crist deserves no power whatsoever.
  • Apparently some are complaining about the treatment being afforded PFC Bradley Manning, the guy who apparently gave Julian Assange much the information that's ended up on WikiLeaks. Writing at HotAir, Jazz Shaw cuts those assertions down to their proper size.
  • Tough loss for the Packers last night, but a pretty valiant effort in defeat. Matt Flynn played well enough to give the Pack a chance to win, but in the end they didn't get it done. There's been a lot of that sort of thing this season. I'm not sure what's missing, besides half the team on injured reserve.
  • The trade the Brewers made for Zach Greinke is probably the biggest one they've made since the Ted Simmons/Rollie Fingers trade of 30 years ago. I'm glad they're making the effort to win now, but I'm pretty skeptical that they can win the NL as they're currently built. As for the Twins, no comment until some more of the dust settles.

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Gino said...

seems the green bay scout team scores more points than the Bears first team.

dont know how we got in 1st, but i'm taking it.